Tattoo "Fit" ness ~ January Blog

Your body and Tattoo Placement will need to work together, finding the right FIT should be natural!

YES! (Art) MATH, (Body) SCIENCE, ENERGY and Visulal FLOW are all needed to produce a great looking tattoo with great placement.

Readable from a distance, your tattoo should be complementary to your form! Great Placement should be pleasing to the eye of not only your ARTIST, Yourself and your closes Peeps, but also to any critical stranger (who many have more of a mouth than a brain, haha)... Somethings we may HAVE to work with, such as COVER-UPs and  SCAR TISSUE, but with the right "big picture" mindset a well placed new tattoo can even enhance your natural appeal.

3 easy things NOT to do:

1) Dont commit to an image that is tooo small. Be realistic and OPEN to accept the size of a tattoo that honors the level of detail required in it's focal point.

2) Dont crowd other tattoos. If they werent planned together, the art may compete for real estate on the body... and also compete for visual attention.

3) NO "up-side-down"/inverted tattoos, please! This is easily the most limited point of view. Whether the tattoo is a word or a symbol, even if it is 'just for you', there are wayyyy better options to honor your tattoo!!

Bring out the best in you, work it out with your new tattoo! namaste1


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