March Blog 2015

"What Women Want"

I am taking part in a local event (on March 20th) that has got me thinking about 'What Women Want'...

In hopes to connect further with my Oceanside Community, I have been looking forward to representing myself at this annual event!

Tattoo Services, Custom Airbrush Body Art, and Breast Cancer Support are the main passions that I hope to share with the 700+ guests who attend this SOLD OUT event! ** Thanks to Donna Andres **

As Luck (or Destiny?) would have it, my 'Connection Intention' overflowed as I recently got lovely PRESS in the Oceanside Star (Feb 26th, 2015). *** With GRACIOUS THANK YOU'S to Julie and Jan!! ** This is the 2nd News Story where I have been found immediately on Page 3!! Amazing!!

Here is the Oceanside Star Story by Julie Bertrand

What timing!! The responses have been wonderful, and will continue to inspire my performance as I meet each person who fuels and interest in the services I provide!!


"To Contribute,... To Shine,... To be Noticed.         

To be Generous and Thankful! Women want Results, and Great Advice!

Courage, Confidence and Connection,...

To ME, that is "What Women Want"!


Photo by Julie Bertrand


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• Simplify and describe your idea.

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