Thank you to all my clients this 2015 - June Blog

Well, I am nearly back in the same position I was in last Summer!! Very pregnant and ready to take maternity leave for a few months.

Many thanks to the gracious clients I have had the pleasure of working with since January!!
 Winding down my calendar is both exciting and welcome as I am nesting for baby #2!!

I will NOT be accepting NEW CLIENTS until March 2016, I currently have a WAIT LIST for people I plan to contact in the New Year.

I will only prioritize people who contact me through my website, any one on Facebook should try my website as I am least likely to check FB as often.. and I really find a problem on FB  with a general lack of information supplied to me in order to return messages.

Many of my current and regular clients know that I will be working this October for Breast Cancer Survivors, including Areola Restorative Tattooing and the wonderful P.INK day campaign (covering Mastectomy scars with tattoos)!! So, this FALL is the next time I plan to reach out through promotions and updates on my services.

Until March, I am referring all tattoo requests to

Wanderlust Tattoo Co. in Parksville:

CLICK HERE - for the Wanderlust Tattoo Co - CONTACT PAGE

Mark and Miss Tee Opened their shop in March, at 180 McCarter Street in the heart of Parksville! Just in time as far as I'm concerned, haha!! I am more than happy to send people over to Mark, with his 15+ years in the industry and experience with many well know tattooers in BC!

Best of Luck for the rest of the summer!! Cheers, SamR

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1853 Swayne Road

Errington, B.C. V0R 1V0



• Bookings by appointment only. 

• $150/hr. $100 deposit required.

• No minors, drugs or alcohol allowed.


• Simplify and describe your idea.

• Decide where, and what size tattoo.

• Please follow all aftercare instructions.