Late Summer Virgo Celebration - Love is in the Air!!

It took all July to relax this August... Planning, Visualizing and Preparing for the Fall... Sounds like a Virgo trait!! Ha HA!!

I have really been enjoying this Summer Hiatus, I am setting it in stone: NO BOOKINGS July and August! For now, and the foreseeable future!!

All be it I have been 'with child' over the last Two YEARS!!  And there does come a point where ones body meets the limitations of comfort, hormones, cravings and needing personal time... The pattern has been created, the ripple carries on, So YES, I have set the standard in my practice to Honor myself (and Babies, and Hubby) to rest and recuperate in the comforts of home to better serve everyone for the remainder of the year.

All inquiries have been graciously accepted as I have accumulated wait lists to kick off this November (with familiar faces) and coming March (with all new clients). I am very excited to have paved a thoughtful path to work with passionate and inspired people. Thank you all in advance for your support!

This IS and always has been my Favorite time of Year to wind down with Family and enjoy MY star sign! Happy Birth Month to Old and New,... Friends, Clients and Relatives as we bask in the chosen comforts of our kind.

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1853 Swayne Road

Errington, B.C. V0R 1V0



• Bookings by appointment only. 

• $150/hr. $100 deposit required.

• No minors, drugs or alcohol allowed.


• Simplify and describe your idea.

• Decide where, and what size tattoo.

• Please follow all aftercare instructions.