Weekend Warriors - May Blog

... And a BIG Thank You to Supporters from our Community!!

On May 24th we held a very successful Certification Workshop at Sam's Studio here in Errington. THANK YOU's go to Stacie-Rae Weir for sharing her passion, knowledge and technique with an amazing group of Participants, Artists and Cancer Survivors!


From Stacie-Rae:  ..."after a woman has gone through a journey as life-changing as breast cancer, sometimes she finds it hard to recognize herself in this new body. The breasts and nipples are removed and reconstructed, things will never be the same again.


Areola Reconstructive Tattooing (A.R.T) is going o change the lives of many future candidates, and we are all honored to have been involved in real-time application for 5 individuals!!

Here are a few testimonials from the day:


"~ Cant thank you enough for yesterday. The day was inspiring and I am more than pleased with my result. It was great to look in the mirror this morning and see what was looking back at me."

"The true gift was being with all of you yesterday. The generosity of all of you is an incredible gift, to share your artistic ability to help others this way is wonderful."

"Thank you again so much for hosting the day! I really had the most amazing day and feel so lucky to have been a part of it, and to have met everyone that I met on that day"

"An unforgettable experience and one I will treasure."

"Tattooing cannot heal or fix those wounds and scars, but expert specialist tattooing can go a long way in restoring a sense of wholeness. A group of us girls got together to spend a day learning and sharing our gifts and stories, and just showing how powerful a little bit of tattooing can be."

I was a long and energetic day, and we were well equipped with help from Thrify Foods, Pharmasave, CompassionArt by Shellie Atwood and a Super talented RAW CHEF Deborah Tobin!!

Check out Deborah's by clicking here!!rawlovelogoSM 

Deborah made us an AMAZING array of lunch goodies and deserts!                                              

Thrifty's sponsored fruit, baked goods, snacks and beverages, logo-thrifty-foods-mobile



The wonderful team at Pharmasave outdid themselves by providing each participant with a gift card, beauty items and some token s to remember the day!ourcommunity facebook


    Shellie made 10 beautiful Rose Quartz MALA bead bracelets so each of us could consider ourselves joined in health and sisterhood!rose-quartz-mala-beads

           The total support of our project left us all feeling Connected, Appreciated and Empowered!!



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The Future of Tattoo: Part 4

Part 4: Workshops, Seminars and Certification.

Continued Education - Staying Current and inspired by working together!

As an Artist, continued educaion is paramount in skill development. Collective learning environments will often help us to relate to a larger variety of experience outcomes and points of view. Similarily, private programs and abstract learning opportunities can provide an outlet for us to enhance our health and creativity,

This coming May 24th ~ Sam's Studio is Hosting

Stacie Rae's Areola Reconstructive Tattoo Certification.ARTlogo

Changing lives with Passion and applied knowledge, a handful of skilled tattooers are getting the opportunity to work together with Stacie Rae and 2 Breast Cancer Warrior/Survivors.

Each with their own unique timeline, history and journey back to health, we plan to share a wealth of knowledge and specifically cater to each clients needs - as a group! In a truely supportive environment, this will be an amazing day for all of us to contribute.

To earn a Certificate in this day course is more than a testement to the great deal of respect we have for our clients and craft, it is also recognition of the pilgrimage set before us.

A path of Honor and interest in bettering ourselves for the sake of personal growth, and the reward of the work itself.ART participant poster 1 confirmed dates

 Please feel free to contact Sam R here: Sam R Contact Form, or Stacie Rae at with your interest!!                                                                              Thank You to all who ARE making this happen!!



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March Blog 2015

"What Women Want"

I am taking part in a local event (on March 20th) that has got me thinking about 'What Women Want'...

In hopes to connect further with my Oceanside Community, I have been looking forward to representing myself at this annual event!

Tattoo Services, Custom Airbrush Body Art, and Breast Cancer Support are the main passions that I hope to share with the 700+ guests who attend this SOLD OUT event! ** Thanks to Donna Andres **

As Luck (or Destiny?) would have it, my 'Connection Intention' overflowed as I recently got lovely PRESS in the Oceanside Star (Feb 26th, 2015). *** With GRACIOUS THANK YOU'S to Julie and Jan!! ** This is the 2nd News Story where I have been found immediately on Page 3!! Amazing!!

Here is the Oceanside Star Story by Julie Bertrand

What timing!! The responses have been wonderful, and will continue to inspire my performance as I meet each person who fuels and interest in the services I provide!!


"To Contribute,... To Shine,... To be Noticed.         

To be Generous and Thankful! Women want Results, and Great Advice!

Courage, Confidence and Connection,...

To ME, that is "What Women Want"!


Photo by Julie Bertrand


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Tattooing in the "Heart" of Vancouver Island

GO where your Heart takes you!!

I have been in LOVE with the West Coast since we moved here as a family in the Late 1980's, and am proud to have worked as an artist in my community for nearly 20 years!

From Humble beginnings, learing the fine art of RAKU at the legendary Braemar Pottery Studio in Coombs, I learned that there  were more artists per capita HERE in the Qualicum/Parksville and Coombs/Errington area than anywhere else in Canada.  In total inspiration, I have always felt very lucky to be here!!

West Coast Culture is deeply rooted in Nature. Here, we are all connecting, healing, and cleansing with the Spirit Animals, Ocean Surf, Mountain Hikes, Rainforest Trails, Parks, Rivers and Falls. Tattoo Culture has always been deeply rooted in Visual Interpretation, and connection with 'something' that is beyond our physical human form. The Merge of these two cultures is where I currently AM...

test feature backgroundMany communities on Vancouver Island celebrate their local career artists, retired artisans, and competent creative independant businesses. Consciously and subconsciously I have been mentored by my community to provide a service of quality and consistancy.


Through Compassion and Interpreting a love of art, nature, dreams, spirituality, or creation of a 'new you', I am following my Heart's Desire to Tattoo here in Errington, currently my most favorite place on earth! Lol!

North of Nanaimo, Duncan and Victoria.... South of Campbell River, Courtney and Comox,.... North East from Tofino, Ucluelet and Port Alberni,... and of course West of the MainLand, Gibsons and Sechelt...

Look inland from the Straight of Georgia for your next Artistic Adventure.

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Tattoo "Fit" ness ~ January Blog

Your body and Tattoo Placement will need to work together, finding the right FIT should be natural!

YES! (Art) MATH, (Body) SCIENCE, ENERGY and Visulal FLOW are all needed to produce a great looking tattoo with great placement.

Readable from a distance, your tattoo should be complementary to your form! Great Placement should be pleasing to the eye of not only your ARTIST, Yourself and your closes Peeps, but also to any critical stranger (who many have more of a mouth than a brain, haha)... Somethings we may HAVE to work with, such as COVER-UPs and  SCAR TISSUE, but with the right "big picture" mindset a well placed new tattoo can even enhance your natural appeal.

3 easy things NOT to do:

1) Dont commit to an image that is tooo small. Be realistic and OPEN to accept the size of a tattoo that honors the level of detail required in it's focal point.

2) Dont crowd other tattoos. If they werent planned together, the art may compete for real estate on the body... and also compete for visual attention.

3) NO "up-side-down"/inverted tattoos, please! This is easily the most limited point of view. Whether the tattoo is a word or a symbol, even if it is 'just for you', there are wayyyy better options to honor your tattoo!!

Bring out the best in you, work it out with your new tattoo! namaste1


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• Bookings by appointment only. 

• $150/hr. $100 deposit required.

• No minors, drugs or alcohol allowed.


• Simplify and describe your idea.

• Decide where, and what size tattoo.

• Please follow all aftercare instructions.