The Future of Tattoo : Part 3

Part 3: Empowerment Tattoos

Dedicated to the amazing people and organizations who support "moving beyond" breast cancer with tattoos.

 size Cherry blossom collage crop

First: The People

SO much has been brought to the table from amazing Clients and their support groups (family and friends) to amazing Tattooers and thier artistic interperetations!

Each seeker has been honored with a revolutionary journey :) Clients and Artists coming together, more ready than ever, to work past cancer, and "reclaim" life!

I was honored to take part in such a journey this year (Oct 2014)! Thanks to Stacie-Rae Weircddb3c8a2271c37f91a0be5f9d0b9b40 (,

Carey R pink day crop left 5 weeks (surivior warrior extraordinare)  and, I entered a team effort to bring masectomy tattoo services to Vancouver for the Annual P.INK Day movement.

Covered by The Province (thanks ot Glenda Luymes) News Story

And Thank you to Aaron (photographer from the Nanaimo Daily News) for coming out to my studio!


Second: The Organizations "Inkspiration" App, Check it out!inkspiration

I am thrilled to be in the "Find an Artist" listing!

Compassionate Beauty Locations

We were blessed to be graciously hosted at an Oncology Boutique in Vancouver, Thank You to Cathie and your staff for the hospitality!!!

Pinterest Tattoo News12eac40e02ee3ca1d7f0ac44418e7b3d

Here is more info on my Pinterest account :) Thanks to!!



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Virgo Power!

Happy Birth Month to all my Virgo friends and clients, this is a very special time at Sam's Studio!!

Always a busy time of year (I have noticed).... We kick off our beloved fall season with excitment, running in with awesome tattoo requests!

Ready to put the activity of summer behind... to focus on self care and complete a new tattoo (or two), as a personal gift for being good all year,... so far :)

As a new MOM, and professional artist, I value and dedicate my time ~with intention~ more than ever!  I also want to offer a gift* to all my Virgo tattoo bookings** this month... So I think it is good time to exhibit some good girl manners and remind everyone of the protocol and procedures that will help you to get the best experience from conception to realization of your up coming tattoo.

  • I book 'By Appointment' only, preferrably through my website Click here to fill out my contact formdreamcatcher live your dreams crop size border
  • Otherwise Texting is great, my business number is a cell phone! Please introduce yourself and tell me when you desire your tattoo. Facebook people PLEASE go through my web or text, it is way more personable, Thank you in advance!! 

  • A Non-refundable Deposit is required to book my time and interest in your tattoo. A minimum $100.00 is acceptable in cash or e Transfer (a larger deposit is considered for larger/multi sitting tattoos). This is a real investment in your permanent art, provides you with a consult/tattoo date, and gives me permission to draw! I can only accept serious clients and my minimum booking is $100.

  • Know what you want, where you want it, and what size!... But please be open to my advice, only your best interpretations can be entertained...

  • Arrive on time, not early :) I know you are excited to get here, but I routinely set up items within the hour of each appt, I could be changing things over from the last appt, or I could be just plain busy, so I appreciate clients who listen well and arrive on the agreed time.

  • Eat a good healthy meal before your tattoo. Smart people also drink water :)
  • Wear clothing that provides access to the area you are getting tattooed. Shoe's also fall into this consideration...

  • Show up clean! If you need time after work to freshen up with a shower and a change of clothes, please do so, I will be much obliged.

 More common sense can be played out here, but I need to trust you will do the right thing, if you are not sure please ask!

Now, on to the gift*!
Each tattoo this month will be granted a 'Guest Certificate' of $25.00 to gift to a friend, or use towards your next tattoo.

It is a pleasure to 'pay it forward' as a service of gratitude and celebrate MY birthday month with you!

LOVE to all!

PS: More amazing stuff to come this October ~ A new movement in healing and beauty through tattoo... can you guess what it is? Check the posting for day!Lilac crop 3 copy edit text


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The Future of Tattoo: Part 1



Part 1: Changing Lives through a process of Visual Evolution -

Dedicated to my Dearest Tattoo Guru Stacie-Rae: In effort to bridge the medical GAP with Tattoo Services, to support the healing recovery of Breast Cancer Warriors! RAH!!

March 1st - the Calgary Journal turned out a profile on Stacie-Rae as she embarks upon a trail-blazing journey... She is literally writing the book to set the Tattoo standard for women to reclaim their humanity after going through the life changing and scarring experience of losing their breast(s) to cancer. Soon to come, the self published work book for "A.R.T - Areola Reconstructive Tattoo" by Stacie-Rae Weir.

Read the news coverage here and find that this is a deeply personal journey for her:

Calgary Journal - Tattoo Profile with Stacie-Rae

Calgary journal march


Be it known that surgeons and other medical professionals may receive BASIC training in 3-D technique or colour theory regarding re-pigmentation by way of tattoo application... Basic, meaning not visually artistic, lacking time honored mentorship and lacking the vast exposure to scar tissue in all shapes and forms before graduating with a certificate. This creates educated people in a medical field who do not have the eye for placement and structure of design on the body. Students may also have an incomplete perspective on how colour needes to be projected towards healing.

Surgeons should not be considered a "jack of all trades" by also offering nipple reconstruction. In the same respect you wouldnt just go to any tattoo shop to request nipple tattoos or for scars to be blended out of sight with "skin colours"... SO, more education needs to develop in both fields of medical and tattoo services.

This is a special sector of expertise that takes passion and compassion to relate to the most ideal and positive outcome for the individual.  The client, the warrior survivors out there who deserve access to the best options available today.

Ultra-Real, 3-D tattooing to reconstruct the breast, to look beyond the scars, look less like an android,... and have it cost less than $600-$900!* Wow, YES PLEASE!

*medical professionals have this value range built in to their serivice fees, covered by Medical Plans and Health Insurance

 Bringing people to a place of PEACE with their bodies via artistic interpretation, transcend what has been done to embrace the future, in capable hands.

I feel tremendous Honor and Gratitude to see the path unfold infront of a seasoned artist whom I respect and admire. Tattooing has become a more than natural next step in my life, and under the guidance of Stacie-Rae, I want to facilitate! I offer Sams Studio in Errington to become a satellite for seekers of this transformative process in BC.





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LOVE your Tattoo!!!

Happy February, Valentine ~ *Blush*

Ahhh, the Euphoria of bringing home a stunning tattoo...

Given: Your very personal, chosen adornment will grow with you for many, many years to come... Right away, Tattoo Aftercare requires a nonchalant aspect of TLC (Yes, Tender Loving Care). Love at first sight can cloud your judgement... reel back from the potentially clumsy and akward self that may smother or obsess over the giddy new romance of your perfectly beautiful new tattoo.

Be COOL :) Be Gentle, Be Mindful and Considerate. Like a prefect date with someone you really admire, keep your Paws OFF!! Mind your presonal hygene and think before you make a move :)

Respect that your body has just experienced a rather magical transformation, and use patience to get to the next stage of your realtionship.

Tattooers and Clients will agree and disagree on many points of Aftercare, every-body is truly unique from skin to artists technique, so each heal will often be authentic.

Hopefully this Aftercare Advice will aid in a perfect union between you and your new permanent art installation... and keep that radiant doe-eyed honeymoon glow until you renew your vows to experience your next tattoo... 

XO, Dolce Amore~




Tattoo Aftercare Guidelines

Day 1 - Happy Tattoo Day!!

1 - Keep your tattoo covered 8 hours or overnight.

Day 2

1 - Wash your hands, remove your bandage gently

2 - Wash your tattoo with mild soapy hands then rinse.

3 - Dry with paper towel, dab/pat

4 - Leave your skin clean and dry.

Day 3

1 - Shower as per normal, dry your skin as per normal

Day 4/5 etc..

1 - Shower as per normal, dry your skin as per normal

*** IF your tattoo is showing signs of tightness or a slight itch, a mild sensitive skin mosturizer may be used. Mild/Plain moisturizer such as Vaseline Intensive Care, Curel, Lubriderm, Keri... WASH YOUR HANDS, rub lotion on to your hands, rub on/in to your tattooooo.

AVOID - Aloe Vera, Alpha Hydroxy, Vitamine E, Petroleum (straight Vaseline) and Lanolin.

IMMERSION/SWEATING - 3 weeks of healing time necessary, Re: Pool, lake or ocean swimming, hot tub and HOT YOGA enthusiasts.

USE SUNSCREEN - AFTER 6 weeks, and forever!

DONT listen to your friends :-)



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2014 New Year, New Tattoo, New You

Tattoo's can have a life of their own!

Sure they may have looked good at some point in time, but after 20, 30 or 40 years, the impact may be not only lost, the art may be unrecognizable. I am amazed at the memories lost from the original tattoo experience,... who did the Tattoo? Where in the world? Why did you get it in the first place... Not that any of this matters, I am just nosey :)

Deb cover up compare

Cover-ups will often have many challenges, scar tissue, poor placement, heavy black that might need lazer treatment to remove pigment...

 "Thank you Sam, I love this tattoo, even more than I imagined." - Deb, Jan 2014

You must give your tattooer liberty to make the right choices to create a new and beautiful piece.

Have FAITH! Bless the opportunity to leave behind the 'dark spot', and welcome a new empowered image to your body and your life!




 Bryan scottish crop"I feel better about myself with this new tattoo, I just had to call and say Thank you" - Bryan, March 2012

It is my pleasure to bring Happiness to clients with a great cover-up tattoo, in the NOW!

Applied with care to look great for many more years. 

Cheers, SamR







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• Bookings by appointment only. 

• $150/hr. $100 deposit required.

• No minors, drugs or alcohol allowed.


• Simplify and describe your idea.

• Decide where, and what size tattoo.

• Please follow all aftercare instructions.