Destination TATTOO

celtic thistle crop

History has shown that sacred journeys are often worth their while....

~ Embarking on a Pilgrimage to YOUR personal Goal, Hunting and Striving towards the experience is necessary ~

And what a location we have HERE in Errington! Artists and Clients regulariy take a Pilgrim Journey to resonate in the Nature and Beauty that lives right in the middle of Vancouver Island.

Speaking as a Professional Local Business Owner/Operator, but more so as a Tattooer, My colleagues and I are here to witness the "A-ha" moments:

When YOUR tattoo idea travels from 'the Ether', permeates through millions of cells as a conscious thought, Vibrates with the sound of your voice as your desires are spoken.... Witnessed by another Being (or Beings) to Manifest into a Visual Format in mind,,, then on paper, perhaps in colour...

Anticipation!! Senses awaken to reveal YOUR tattoo Day! We Become One with the experience to produce an authentic result. YOUR journey may be complete here,... or maybe not?

Forever changed by the realms beyond "us", you may easily find yourself on another Journey for a DESTINATION TATTOO! 

LOL!! Worth Seeking Out, everyone these days can easily check out Google Map Location or use GPS to get where they need to be.. Just Park in the designated parking, LOL!!  ~ ... and make an appointment HERE so your arrival is anticipated!

Love and Regards!! SamR


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P-INK DAY 2015 ~ Here at Sam's Studio

It is an Honour to be an Artist, Host and Local Leader for

P-Ink Day this Year!

Coming this Oct 10th, 2015, Sam's Studio will be changing lives when Compassionate heart-centered Tattoo Artists Transform Cancer Survivor Scars into things of Beauty... signifying a future beyond the battle.

Here are some healed photos from my amazing 2014 participant Carey, last year we represented in Vancouver:  pink day crop 5 right sidepink day crop left 5 weeks

7e6dd08564b36587fb68ffe9c8ac6407samantha rae pink day 2014

This is especially moving for ME this year, as I am just returning from Maternity leave, and stronger than ever is my passion and focus for providing a super high quality tattoo service!

Joining me is Stephanie Melora from Indigo Rose Tattoo Studio in Columbia South Carolina!! Amazing or what!?!

We are both highly motivated to support this annual cause with

Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram will be blowing up with images and support on the day!! Stay tuned





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Late Summer Virgo Celebration - Love is in the Air!!

It took all July to relax this August... Planning, Visualizing and Preparing for the Fall... Sounds like a Virgo trait!! Ha HA!!

I have really been enjoying this Summer Hiatus, I am setting it in stone: NO BOOKINGS July and August! For now, and the foreseeable future!!

All be it I have been 'with child' over the last Two YEARS!!  And there does come a point where ones body meets the limitations of comfort, hormones, cravings and needing personal time... The pattern has been created, the ripple carries on, So YES, I have set the standard in my practice to Honor myself (and Babies, and Hubby) to rest and recuperate in the comforts of home to better serve everyone for the remainder of the year.

All inquiries have been graciously accepted as I have accumulated wait lists to kick off this November (with familiar faces) and coming March (with all new clients). I am very excited to have paved a thoughtful path to work with passionate and inspired people. Thank you all in advance for your support!

This IS and always has been my Favorite time of Year to wind down with Family and enjoy MY star sign! Happy Birth Month to Old and New,... Friends, Clients and Relatives as we bask in the chosen comforts of our kind.

IMG 4759

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The Future of Tattoo - Part 5

Part 5 - The Gift of being able to work with scar tissue, and use A.R.T to grow beyond surgical experiences.

** Disclaimer Warning: Rebuilt Areolas seen here, Breast Cancer Survivor surgeries, Before and After my tattooing!

OK, So I have to tattoo for a Reason! More than bending to the whim of most mainstream clients requests, I am honored to offer and provide a specialty service to people who need a change.

Artistically I LOVE to tattoo, but when you put a challenge before me with specific needs I LOVE to rise to that challenge and follow my heart and intuition in providing my clients with the best option available. I am talking about the ongoing work I will be doing with Breast Cancer Warriors for the rest of my foreseeable career. Thank you to the amazing teachers and growing community of artists who are working hard to 'specialize' in this field, seriously setting standards HIGH!!

Over the last few years I have seen a vast range of poorly executed Areola Tattooing done by surgeons, medical staff and cosmetic tattooers!! After the difficult experience of multiple surgeries, and sometimes the complications that follow during the 'healing processes', I understand that much more care and personal assessment has to be taken in to account. A desire to know how to professionally tattoo with the highest quality machines, use optimal pigment and colour theory with your client and develop a relationship of team work, trust and satisfaction, to gain the most advantageous results.

The following images are examples from 1 persons Before/After:   Starting with a healed double mastecomy proceedure including nipple protrusion surgeries, and healed cosmetic tattoo 'heart' areolas..

ART before collage b2 add textART right side compare 2 ADD TEXT

ART left side compare 2 add textART results collage b2 edit add text

2016: New A.R.T Clients with me, ~ SamR, will recieve a $50.00 reduced rate for Unilateral and Bilateral Areola Tattoo Bookings!!

Standard Costs for these services can be seen here: A.R.T ~ Pricing and Care link via Stacie-Rae Weir

 For more information and to see the growing roster of approved artists in your area: Click here for a direct link to:

Peace and Love!


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Thank you to all my clients this 2015 - June Blog

Well, I am nearly back in the same position I was in last Summer!! Very pregnant and ready to take maternity leave for a few months.

Many thanks to the gracious clients I have had the pleasure of working with since January!!
 Winding down my calendar is both exciting and welcome as I am nesting for baby #2!!

I will NOT be accepting NEW CLIENTS until March 2016, I currently have a WAIT LIST for people I plan to contact in the New Year.

I will only prioritize people who contact me through my website, any one on Facebook should try my website as I am least likely to check FB as often.. and I really find a problem on FB  with a general lack of information supplied to me in order to return messages.

Many of my current and regular clients know that I will be working this October for Breast Cancer Survivors, including Areola Restorative Tattooing and the wonderful P.INK day campaign (covering Mastectomy scars with tattoos)!! So, this FALL is the next time I plan to reach out through promotions and updates on my services.

Until March, I am referring all tattoo requests to

Wanderlust Tattoo Co. in Parksville:

CLICK HERE - for the Wanderlust Tattoo Co - CONTACT PAGE

Mark and Miss Tee Opened their shop in March, at 180 McCarter Street in the heart of Parksville! Just in time as far as I'm concerned, haha!! I am more than happy to send people over to Mark, with his 15+ years in the industry and experience with many well know tattooers in BC!

Best of Luck for the rest of the summer!! Cheers, SamR

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Errington, B.C. V0R 1V0



• Bookings by appointment only. 

• $150/hr. $100 deposit required.

• No minors, drugs or alcohol allowed.


• Simplify and describe your idea.

• Decide where, and what size tattoo.

• Please follow all aftercare instructions.